Windows vista not updating error

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Especially if you’re one of the many who believe that 32-bit operating systems can’t by definition use more than 4GB of RAM, what do you expect to see for the System Properties in the original 32-bit Windows Vista on a machine with 8GB of RAM?

Click on the snapshot if you want it full-size and hi-fi: No, this image is not a mock-up, though the red rectangle is my addition to highlight that this 32-bit operating system which ordinarily finds only 3069MB of RAM on this machine seems happy to have 8189MB.

If you want that this should work for you without contrivance, then pester Microsoft for an upgrade of the license data or at least for credible, detailed reasoning of its policy for licensing your use of your computer’s memory in 32-bit Windows Vista.

As for caveats, you should know that although I study software, I do not have the testing resources of a software or hardware manufacturer.

In the last sentence, I might quibble that the talk of a 64-bit processor is superfluous since the machine on offer does have such a processor, but otherwise the sentence is correct because of the word fully.

Yet although Dell’s statement is true, it is not the whole truth: there is something that Microsoft does not tell you, and perhaps does not tell Dell.

The next picture is as much a record of my unimaginativeness as of 32-bit Windows Vista actually using (very nearly) all the installed 8GB.That 32-bit editions of Windows starting with Windows Vista are limited to 4GB is not because of any technical constraint on 32-bit operating systems.The 32-bit editions of Windows Vista and Windows 7 all contain code for using physical memory above 4GB.Let me stress now that I do not complain about Dell’s statement.Its first two sentences are correct for all 32-bit editions of Windows Vista exactly as configured by Microsoft and installed by Dell.

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