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She is one of dozens of celebrity guests who will attend Comic Con Palm Springs Friday through Sunday to meet fans, sign autographs and mug for the camera.Her contemporary in television, Lynda Carter, aka “Wonder Woman” will also be at Comic Con Palm Springs to perform a concert on Saturday.CBCNews.ca: This is really just surreal talking to you. So there had to be some appearance of disagreement. Majors had nothing but praise for Bigfoot's portrayer - wrestler Andre the Giant. He said he was somewhat concerned when the scene called for Andre to take a flying leap onto him. It's not rocket science." Talking about things like that.And if there was [a problem on my part] I apologized, but that's the way business worked at the time. CBCNews.ca: Then they started to introduce more bionic people. CBCNews.ca: You know what, I wanted to be the bionic boy. And I said, "Wait a minute, you take the dog Max, and you take him over to Lindsay's show. [And people say], "All the villagers used to come out and they had one TV set and we'd all come down to this one place and watch it on whatever night it was...

Majors, 72, who is still living in California and working in the film and TV industry, will be appearing in Toronto at Fan Expo this weekend, which gave reporter and bionic fanboy Mark Gollom the opportunity (or excuse) to interview his childhood idol. CBCNews.ca: You were a hero to most guys that are in their 40s right now and I was wondering what it's like when you meet somebody in their 40s and they approach you. Majors: I'm glad you said "action figure," because a lot of them come up and say, "I had your doll," and I say, "No, no, no, it's an action figure." CBCNews.ca: I didn't play with dolls. Majors: They started paying her as much as I was making and I had put in my year and a half [on my show].

Now you got at least five or six major networks and then the reality.

A kid can do a reality show for a year and of course they think they're stars, but where are they in another five years?

The popularity of the two super-human women has even spawned a series of comic books “Wonder Woman ’77 Meets the Bionic Woman.”Wagner, the former desert-dweller who now resides in the mountains above Palm Springs, said she had no idea how iconic her bionic character would become, but knew they were doing something that felt right and was right for the time.

What she appreciated about the show, and thinks resonated with viewers, was the way in which this action-adventure drama wasn’t just adopting male stories and replacing them with her because of her bionic abilities.

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