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She frequently consults to universities and school districts on research and teacher development grants and second language programs, curriculums, and materials. Han has lived and taught in China, Italy, Norway, United Kingdom (Scotland, England), Japan, and Spain. Unpublished dissertation, Teachers College, Columbia University, New York. Unpublished doctoral dissertation, Teachers College, Columbia University, New York. Her work on fossilization, crosslinguistic influence, corrective feedback, second language thinking for speaking, second language reading and vocabulary development, second language reading instruction, input enhancement, and second language ab initio input processing has appeared in a variety of journals and books. Han is the recipient of the 2003 International TESOL Heinle and Heinle Distinguished Research Award, and a repeated recipient of the Teachers College, Columbia University Outstanding Teacher Award. Han has served on the editorial boards of Applied Linguistics (Oxford; also as representative of the American Association for Applied Linguistics), GRETA Journal (Spain), Vigo International Journal of Applied Linguistics (VIAL, Spain), Foreign Language Teaching Theory and Practice (外语教学理论与实践, China), Chinese Journal of Applied Linguistics (formerly 中国英语教学; China), Chinese as a Second Language Research (Moulton de Gruyter), Language Teaching (Cambridge University Press), and Second Language Learning Research (第二语言学习研究,China). Effects of task complexity on written production in L2 English. Investigating articles as expressions of definiteness in L2 English of Slavic speakers. Interlanguage and fossilization: Towards an analytic model.

International Journal of Applied Linguistics, 24(3), 370-389. Consistently seeking a more unified account which would integrate concepts of "interdialect," "interculture," and "interliteracy" with new media, he is now preparing a 40-plus year fossilization study on participants first looked at in 1964.With Susan Gass, he has written a popular introductory textbook in Second Language Acquisition (3rd edition, January, 2008 [Mahweh, NJ: Erlbaum]. Focus on form in communicative EFL classrooms: A study of learner recognition of recasts. Cross-linguistic influence and "universal" developmental patterns in child second language acquisition: A longitudinal study.

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