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Patty didn't seem to care or show much interest for her second client.

She found him arrogant but I find the same with her.

Their expectations are high because they have millions of dollars.

Patti states that she'll let Uri have first chance with the Jewish girls who come to the window.

Reality TV is a modern marvel; one of the most inexpensive types of television to produce, it has arguably become the most popular form of entertainment in recent history.

At this point, almost every network has some form of reality-based programming—however mind-numbingly entertaining or embarrassingly funny—and one thing they all have in common is the shameful feeling they evoke in the same people who tune in to watch the latest episode.

show, viewers still cling to their every rich-person move, we think either to catch a glimpse of Kim's beauty or her latest designer purchase.

The World's Strictest Parents Leave it to America to make an unruly child everyone's business—and, not to mention, entertainment.

Yes, I'm a liberal woman but I'm appalled by Patti Stanger and this show of setting up people for marriage. They all think highly of themselves and expect the same.

Mundane acitivities like getting the kids ready for school or planning a birthday party take on a whole new meaning when the kids are a pair of twins and a set of sextuplets.

As viewers, we don't know whether to tsk-tsk the parents for exploiting their children or to sympathize with them—but either way it makes us unwilling to miss out on the next episode (and the guaranteed media scrutiny to follow).

It's highly unlikely this guy will satisfy his demanding mother.

I would say that the two men have more in common and should have gone out for a drink.

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