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In fact, while writing this article, I had in mind two friends who teach at Harvard Medical School.

With lectures, clinical responsibilities, a family, and the occasional need to sleep, I’ll assume that they can devote at most 5 hrs of every 168-hr week to forging their .

For fiction, I would recommend the (somewhat controversial) ebook by John Locke, .

My assumption is that you think you are super-busy and simply don’t have the kind of time required to tackle a task as Herculean as writing a book.

My experience is in nonfiction titles — books that people find useful enough to spend money on.I’ve self-published all of my books so far: .* And as an independent author and publisher, it’s my goal to help as many people fulfill their authorial ambitions as possible.Because it has never been easier in the history of mankind to write a book, publish it, and make it available to millions of potential readers — and to even make a buck doing it all.So given a chance to speed up the process by hiring someone at a reasonable cost, they’d take it.When relevant, at the end of each step, I’ve listed what this reasonable cost is, and what real-life time-savings it produces (5hrs saved = one week saved).

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