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Detailed postal indicia requirements, specifications and artwork can be downloaded from

A Customized Postal Indicia gives customers the opportunity to leverage the upper-right corner of an item for marketing purposes.

Transport Canada's National Collision Database (NCDB) contains data on all reportable motor vehicle collisions in Canada that the provinces and territories provide each year.

Every year, the number of fatalities and serious injuries on Canada's roads continue to decrease despite the fact that the number of vehicles continue to increase.

When supported by two level supports located no more than 10 mm from the left and right edges, Standard Lettermail may not sag more than 22 mm in the middle.

On an item of Standard Lettermail, graphics or other printing shall not be located in the following zones: Additional regulatory requirements apply to Standard Lettermail paid by postage meter or postal indicia. A Postal Indicia is a marking that identifies the service name and the customer number.

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Catalogue No.: T45-3/2010E-PDF ISBN: 1701-6223 Permission to reproduce Transport Canada grants permission to copy and/or reproduce the contents of this publication for personal and public non-commercial use.It must be printed or applied to each mail item when paying by commercial account.The indicia must be created by using Canada Post-supplied artwork.0 mg%) 1991–2010" src="/media/documents/roadsafety/collision_graph2.jpg" / Note: In Alberta, New Brunswick, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan, "urban" includes any area within the corporate boundaries of a city, town, village or hamlet."Rural" includes any area outside of what is defined as "urban".

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