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They found that the objects, being used as the inspiration for a Viking Couture exhibit at Enköping Museum, contained Kufic characters Kufic (left) is the oldest calligraphic form of the various Arabic scripts, developed around the end of the 7th Century in Kufa, Iraq, from which it takes its name.

The geometric example (right) reads baraka Muhammad, or blessed be Muhammad The Scandinavians are known to have traded glass objects from Egypt and Mesopotamia up to 3,400 years ago.

Unearthed in Sweden in 2015, it bears an ancient Arabic inscription that reads 'for Allah' or 'to Allah'.

Annika Larsson and her colleagues have received a positive response among the academic community.

'Presumably, Viking Age burial customs were influenced by Islam and the idea of an eternal life in Paradise after death.'In her earlier research, Ms Larsson looked at the widespread occurrence of Eastern silk in Scandinavia's Viking Age graves.

Researchers from Uppsala University in Sweden working to recreate textile patterns found in Viking woven bands made the discovery.

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Researchers believe the latest discovery points to similarities between the Viking and Muslim view of the afterlife.Viking expeditions are said to have extended from Western Europe to Central Asia.It is from here that sources indicate the extent to which the Vikings had contact with the Muslim World during ancient times.It is also possible that the Vikings fetched glass goods directly from the region, rather than waiting for them to make their way north via trade networks.Ancient texts mention trades taking place between the Vikings and members of the Islamic civilisation, which stretched from the Mediterranean to West Asia.

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