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The 82 year old is fit and engaged and this month, besides celebrating the holidays, Schmitt may take a moment to ponder this event as relayed by the NM GOP: . Schmitt was one of only a dozen NASA astronauts to accomplish such a feat and it remains one of New Mexico’s shining moments nearly half a century later.Schmitt was born in Santa Rita and studied at the California Institute of Technology and Harvard University before becoming a trained astrogeologist, a jet pilot, and then an astronaut.Jay Mc Cleskey--The Governor's consigliere has been given a special gift from Santa--no FBI search warrants for all of 2018.Keith Gardner--The Governor's Chief of Staff is getting what his boss is getting--a buffed up resume so he can land in the private sector when the Governor's term ends next year.Harold did not mention one major tax cut that Martinez can take credit for--the cut in the corporate income tax in 2013.It remains controversial to this day because when passed it was argued that it would cause corporations to move here. 45 YEARS AGO We ran into former GOP US Senator Harrison "Jack" Schmitt not long ago enjoying dinner with family and friends at the Prairie Star restaurant in Bernalillo. It was this month 45 years ago when astronaut and lunar pilot Harrison Schmitt walked on the moon as part of the Apollo 17 mission.This is because the site of the town of Santa Rita hovers in space over the open pit Chino Mine. And Reader George Richmond keeps us in the south with this comment on the NM Spaceport: Recently, Virgin Galactic announced that its suborbital space trips are likely next year and will move many employees to the Las Cruces area. We look forward to informing and entertaining you in 2018. What, if anything, comes of that request as well as the Anaya charges, remains to be seen. Send the ex-Gov to "Wise Pies." Seems more her style.Many of the houses in Santa Rita were moved to Silver City, fifteen miles away. Then they announced a deal with the Italian Space Agency for launches from the NM Spaceport. Meanwhile, rest assured there will be no kissing under the mistletoe between Michelle and Jeff. More flash than substance, fades over the long haul.

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Lujan Grisham over sex harassment: Leave it to Democrats to snatch defeat from the mouth of victory.Instead, she jumped in the lagoon with Jeff the swamp creature. JACK'S TRACKS Our mention of the 45th anniversary this month of the moonwalk by astronaut and former NM GOP US Senator Harrison "Jack" Schmitt brought this comment from Jodi Mc Ginnis Porter, his former PR staffer for his short-lived stint as the state's secretary for energy and minerals: Senator Schmitt never refused a background check by the Senate Rules Committee. That sent the tongues wagging and they were wagging again when Apodaca was accused by a Grisham supporter of making an unwanted advance: A political supporter of Lujan Grisham accused (Apodaca) of attempting to kiss her on the mouth at a social event.It's Christmas for God's sake and no one wants to read about alleged missed kisses at whiffleball games or offended intern disputes. Tell us about your economic plan or why you are less of a hot mess than Susana Martinez (because you both are starting to make us wonder. As a former United States astronaut he has had top secret government security clearances and is not new to background checks. Marianna Anaya, 28, of Albuquerque said that Apodaca tried to kiss her on the mouth earlier this year at a whiffle ball game in Santa Fe that brought together staff from the Democratic Party and the American Federation of Teachers.Chief Marketing Officer for Dion's Pizza is a possible, says Santa. Pena dragged her feet in endorsing Keller in the run-off and all three Westside councilors have been sympathetic towards the Santolina development project for the far Westside--not a fave of Keller's." Councilor Borrego says in response: FYI- I have not stated an opinion on my view of this project. Whether a position of neutrality is "sympathetic" to Santolina or not, we'll let you decide.THOSE TAX CUTS The Legacy PAC supporting the Governor is bragging in the mailboxes that she cut taxes 37 times.

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