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However, this theory has had the flaw that the war drums did not look or sound anything like tabla, they were large paired drums and were called naqqara (noise, chaos makers).The second version of the Arab theory is that Amir Khusraw, a musician patronized by Sultan Alauddin Khalji invented the tabla when he cut an Awaj drum, which used to be hourglass shaped.This is, however, unlikely, as no painting or sculpture or document dated to his period supports it with evidence.If tabla had arrived, or had been invented under Arabic influence from the root word tabl, it would be in the list of musical instruments that were written down by Muslim historians, but such evidence is also absent.The playing technique is complex and involves extensive use of the fingers and palms in various configurations to create a wide variety of different sounds and rhythms, reflected in mnemonic syllables (bol).In the Hindustani style tabla is played in two ways: band bol and khula bol.Mais sa relative petite taille, 1,63 m, a été un frein pour aller encore plus loin et de se présenter au concours Miss France.Il est en effet stipulé dans le règlement que les candidates doivent faire 1,70 m minimum.

The daya tabla is played by the musician's right hand (dominant hand), and is about 15 centimetres (~6 in) in diameter and 25 centimetres (~10 in) high.

The baya construction and tuning is about a fifth to an octave below that of the daya drum.

The musician uses his hand's heel pressure to change the pitch and tone colour of each drum during a performance.

The evidence of the hand held puskara is founded in many temple carvings, such as at the 6th and 7th century Muktesvara and Bhuvaneswara temples in India.

The textual evidence for similar material and methods of construction as tabla comes from Sanskrit texts.

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