Professor and student dating

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Of these people, 14 percent “boldly” – and under anonymity – said they have had inappropriate relations with a professor.Out of the 14 percent, 45 percent said those relationships were prompted by the professor or faculty member.She couldn’t go to another university and he lost his license.It’s hard for her to actually get a good job now, so she’s working at a Mc Donald’s trying to make ends meet for her and her daughter.” You’ve got to ask yourself a few questions before you link up with Professor X at Top Flite.For justified reasons, there are many students who are scared to grow close to their professors in fear that boundaries may be crossed.

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Freshmen Veterinary Technology student Ajiona Lunsford, explained her mother’s personal experience in which her relationship with her professor extended beyond the classroom.

College polled 2,000 current and former students, and the results were telling.

Over 52 percent of people polled said they’d fantasized about a professor before, but 48 percent said they would not engage in an affair with one.

At this point in college, we are grown.” Attraction between students and professors are not unrealistic with how often these parties interact.

Most students spend a majority of their time communicating with faculty through lectures, major based extracurricular activities or meet-ups during office hours.

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