Optus usage meter not updating

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Uninstall Add-on from Chrome Go to Tools Menu in your Google Chrome.

Each extension will have an option of Uninstall/Remove with it.

Solution to remove/uninstall it completely Tested Malware & Virus Free by Mc Afee.

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optus usage meter not updating-52

optus usage meter not updating-8

I bought my router for inevitable problems such as this optus usage meter not updating.

Eg, if your monthly quota is 300MB, in a 30 day month, and this is your 6th day, your target will be 300/30*6 = 60MB.

If you happen to have only downloaded 50MB, the target surplus will be 10MB.

Choose the unneeded search engine -- click remove and click Disable suggestions to disable it.

Moreover, you can t always rely on these methods as sometime Optus Usage Meter will not be found on the program list.

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