Olympiad dating system vin diesel dating mike tyson

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(Yes, the ancients were sports fans.) Each Olympiad began in midyear and ran for four years. Consuls were Roman officials who reigned during specific years, and it was common to date events by the consuls who were in office at the time.

“A demonstration that Jesus did not preach for one year only after baptism, but attained every possible age-range. The first occasion was when He turned water into wine in Cana, the village in Galilee, and then went up for the feast of the Passover.

So He became an older person also for the sake of the elderly, that He might be the teacher, in full maturity, for the whole human race, not only in respect of the ability to propound true doctrine, but also in respect of the physical age-range He attained, elevating older people, too, as He did so, to that higher order of being, and becoming an example to them at the same time.

And so He Himself passed through every age-range, and for the sake of infants, became an infant, elevating infants to that higher order of being; for the sake of young children, He became a young child, elevating those who had attained that age-range to the higher order of being, and becoming an example to them, as He did so, of godliness and fair-play and submission to authority; for the sake of those in early maturity, He too became a young man, leaving an example to all young people, and elevating them to the Lord’s own higher order of being.

From that place, it is recorded in the Scriptures, six days before the Passover, He came to Bethany, and from Bethany went up to Jerusalem, where He ate the Passover meal, and suffered death the following day.

Thereafter, when He had raised Lazarus from the dead, and a plot was formed against Him by the Pharisees, He retired to the town of Ephrem.

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