Nerve dating site review

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At certain points, watchers will conveniently pop up along the streets, strategically placed to broadcast what’s happening through their phones and action cameras, an image of all-eyes-on-you paranoia that may produce a shrug of “Yeah, right.” “Nerve” is a comic-book vision of how the Internet has become a gladiatorial arena of voyeurism. Co-producers: Charles Miller, Orlee-Rose Strauss, Stephen Meinen.

But the movie, like the game it’s about, is hard to stop watching, even when you know it’s playing you. Production: A Lionsgate release of an Allison Shearmur, Keep Your Head production.

It’s not really too plausible — but hey, it’s the movie’s whole damn premise, so why fight it?

Joost and Schulman do a terrific job of staging this vertiginous sequence.

It works as the ultimate bad dream of peer pressure — the notion that is how far someone will go to please her followers.

In “Nerve,” the rule of the Internet mob is all-powerful: You want something because everyone else wants it, and their will becomes yours, a dynamic that can leave your very identity hanging in the air.

The cinematography, by Michael Simmonds, is sharply angled and glowing and alive, with a haphazard touch of You Tube visual flash. With: Emma Roberts, Dave Franco, Juliette Lewis, Emily Meade, Miles Heizer, Brian Marc, Kimiko Glenn, Samira Wiley, Colson Baker, Marc John Jefferies.

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