Mexico dating 2014

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Last update : January 2017 The common habits of payment in Mexico are basically by checks of wire transfer and in some special cases by credit card.

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In 2017, Mexico is expected to follow a prudent budget policy because of the reduced level of revenues coming from the energy sector, despite the gradual upturn in oil prices.

In terms of domestic politics, the government is expected to continue its program of structural reforms adopted at the end of 2012.

Following an initial tender call which failed to arouse much enthusiasm among investors, the reform of the energy market has proven more promising, with highly successful second and third phases.

This sets limits for the issuing of debt (only public investment and debt refinancing will now be possible). In terms of monetary policy, the uncertainties relating to the future policies that will be applied by President Trump are likely to feed the volatility of the Mexican peso in 2017.

The central bank is expected to continue intervening in the currency markets to prevent any excessive fall in the currency against the dollar and ensure that inflation remains within its target range (3-4%).

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