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Also it could take the current to near physical limits of…""Without battery storage and bridal path transmission corridors to connect the projects to merge for interconnection it may be very difficult to make these projects economically viable.It will delay them as well which we all know is deadly for these…""Outstanding.Friends of Boundary Mountains weighed-in at the hearing. " NRCM's CO2 - From A Different Point of View The PDF document at the following link put NRCM's own published CO2 information into the perspective of the Maine woods and shows the terrible tradeoff that is industrial wind in Maine.Putting Maine's Wind Power Goals into Proper Perspective The wind industry is currently asking for 30 year eagle killing permits.No wind turbines, no transmission lines, no useless roads that only wash out.But let's not raise the…""Wiring is down rated to 80% of actual current capacity.Sign up for a warmlines electronic mailing list at Yahoo Groups!

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In other words, they will have to play on a level playing field.

A warmline is a peer-run listening line staffed by people in recovery themselves.

Scroll down to see a directory of known warmlines around the US.

More here: "Richard, I didn't mean in any way that this was NOT a victory and you and Nancy and your group are to be commended.

I only know what a bunch of connivers these charlatans are and how they work. ""I hope we can all take a deep breath and kiss Massachusetts and their ridiculous plan to use our wilderness as their industrial land goodbye!

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