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“As for you, you can eat my cunt.” Laura told Kristen. ” “Sorry Mila.” Natalie quickly apologised dropping to her knees and crawling over to her girlfriend. This earned her more encouragement, mostly in the form of dirty words which made Natalie blush, although she much preferred the hand cradling her head and pushing her deeper into the yummy treat in front of her, and of course the constant moans, groans, gasps, whimpers and cries that constantly slipped from the lips of her gorgeous former co-star.

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Laura was looking forward to taking out some of her frustrations at not being able to break Mila out on the asses of Hayden, Kristen and Natalie. For Mila to be on her knees right now and looking up lovingly at her as she devoted herself to Laura’s pleasure.Then the moment of truth came, and they were all pleasantly surprised, as Mila and Laura arrived together and seem to be in a good place, which suggested they had come to some kind of arrangement. ” “Yeah.” Mila grinned, loving the way that the redhead was sulking, “We decided, after a mega ton of fucking, that me and Laura are just as stubborn as each other.“We’ve come to an arrangement.” Laura said, confirming what everyone was thinking, “That is me and Mila. In short, we just can’t fully submit to the other, or break the other. ” Mila pushed, before turning her attention back to the three subs, “Here’s the deal, me and Laura are going to share custody of you three.But first Laura fully intended to get every drop of enjoyment she could out of getting her pussy licked by a talented little rug muncher like Kristen Bell. This new partnership was a disappointing compromise, although it held its own charms, and Laura couldn’t really complain about having Kristen munching her muffin. The truth was that Mila didn’t really want to, and was very happy sticking with Natalie, but in the name of this new partnership she smiled and replied, “Sure. Show me what that little lezzie tongue of yours can do. ” “Yeahhhhhhh Natalie, show Laura what you can do with that wonderful tongue of yours.” Mila gleefully chimed in, “Mmmmmm yeah, you show my new partner why you’re worth two for one.Of course she didn’t need the slow and gentle licks that Kristen first gave her, but all it took was a little encouragement and soon Kristen was lapping away at her cunt like the little lesbian slut that she was. And most importantly of all, Mila had been completely and wonderfully submissive to her. And Laura didn’t want to admit it, but she was jealous of that. Although she had an even better idea how to take out her frustrations. As long as I get Hayden’s tongue up my ass too.” “Deal.” Laura said, pushing the two blondes away from her, then shoving Natalie into her cunt as soon as she was close enough, the whole time providing commentary, “Get going bitches, Mila’s cunt and ass hole won’t lick themselves. Oh yeah, show you love munching pussy as much as Hayden loves eating ass! Think I’m giving my precious Natalie too much attention? Ohhhhhhh yessssss, we all know you can do better than that, soooooooo oooooooh fuckkkkkkk, that’s more like it, eat that cunt, yessssssss, eat that ass, aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeesssssssss!

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