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[csr 5.2 2006] British Columbian Scott Grant, a member of the International Church of Christ, has regained custody of his children in France, where his estranged wife had taken them, saying the children were not safe with him because he belonged to a “cult.” A French court ruled that Nathalie Getliffe Grant had breached the Hague Convention on Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction.

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Mc Kean agreed there was some truth to charges of excessive control of members, but said the church has worked hard to correct any abuses.

When he fell short he said he was told he was “‘in sin’ and not in relationship with God,” and that questioning his mentor was like questioning God. [csr 2.2 2003] Former members tell how followers who failed to give 10 percent of their income, or who did not recruit enough new members, were publicly humiliated, and those who questioned authority were shunned or thrown out. [csr 2.2 2003] A few years ago Mc Kean’s daughter said she wanted to leave the ICOC, which has been banned from numerous college campuses, because “I thought that the only place I could find true freedom would be outside the church.” Mc Kean said in his resignation letter that he had created an atmosphere in which people “were afraid to speak up” and that he caused “others to stumble” by focusing “more on numeric goals than on pleasing God.”[csr 2.2 2003] An ICOC spokesman said that changes do not concern “doctrinal issues” but rather “growth issues, and emphasize teamwork and consensus, thus reducing dependence on one individual.” He added that ICOC churches would become more autonomous thanks to a “maturing of the movement.” (Timothy R. 26, Internet posting 6/26/03) [csr 2.2 2003] International Churches of Christ (ICC) Recruiting in Penn State Area The controversial International Church of Christ, which has been banned on a number of college campuses around the country, has entered the State College area, where Penn State University is located. There is no way around it,” said Michael Wilk, evangelist of the State College Church of Christ. If a member ever decides they want out, the church will make it very difficult.

He said there were many young people “who will drop everything to be a fry cook until they can be a disciple,” if that’s what they’re told to do. “All major decisions would have to be run through your discipler,” said a former leader. And if they do manage to get out, it will be a long time until they can think on their own again.”[csr 2.1 2003] “They [the ICC] usually target people on the outside, like freshmen,” Wilk added.

He and Roger Lamb were fired from the Houston, Texas, Church of Christ.

Kip Mc Keen then found a Church in Boston MA, was asked to come on board and began what has come to be known as the Boston movement.

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