Giving up online dating

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It was the constant back-and-forth via email that began to really drive me crazy. I felt like I kept ending up in a rabbit hole of non-committal emails asking me endless questions about things that didn’t matter. I wasn’t sure why, how, or when dating had gotten so complicated.

It used to be so easy — go out, lock eyes with a handsome gent, and the next thing you know, we’re dating.

But I found that the folks who contacted me were extra freaky.

I realized that to connect with more suitable matches, I would have to pay around .99 a month.

The key to combating this fear is to change your internal dialog. “never” and “always”), try to frame your frustration positively: “Just because I haven’t met anyone doesn’t mean I won’t meet anyone in the future.” Remember, you aren’t a fortune teller (and neither am I).

If you think you’ve exhausted the dating pool, let your outer circle of friends and acquaintances know that you are actively dating.

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Dating in today’s fast-paced, dating app-filled world can be really tough.

They may be able to introduce you to people you haven’t met before.

I hear fears like this expressed often from my single clients.

I’ve noticed that there are four big fears that my single clients—both men and women—share.

They have found profound relief in naming those fears and redirecting them into a more positive internal narrative.

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