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I didn't expect him to ask me to do that but never-the-less I undid the top three buttons and this let my blouse swing open and showed a fair bit of cleavage between my tits.

There were no other customers in the store at the time so he went around to the customer's side of the counter and told me to lean over as I picked up the videos from under the counter.

I love my husband and I am sure I would do anything he asked me but he destroyed a little of my faith in him when I explain how this story unfolds.

My name is Abby and I am 25 and Aldo and I have been married for 3 years next month.

It must have been about 4pm in the afternoon when Demos came over to me, when we had no customers in the store, and he told me he liked the look of my breasts.

He asked me if I would undo a couple of buttons on my blouse so the customers would be able to see a bit more of my breasts.

I never go anywhere in public without my bra because my tits are just too big to be unsupported and they tend to sway around as I walk making everyone look at me.

One afternoon Aldo came home from work very excited and told me he had a job for me but I had to be very nice to my boss otherwise the job wouldn't last.

This is my story about how I was used by my husband.

At first I didn't have any idea he was using me and I simply did everything he asked me to do.

I didn't understand what he was getting at but simply told him what had happened during the day.

Aldo seemed to be frustrated with my answers and told me when I go to work tomorrow I shouldn't wear a bra under my blouse and make sure Demos could see I wasn't wearing one!

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