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In the landscape throughout Northern Scandinavia, one can find sieidis, places that have unusual land forms different from the surrounding countryside.-Josiah – black guy whose outfit was my favorite (grey suit jacket with black lapels—LOVE that style) who is also an attorney (loved his joke “see ya later, litigator’) and earlier we learned that when Josiah was 7, his older brother hung himself because of bullying.Josiah lashed out, got into trouble, then at age 12 turned his life around after a judge spoke to him.Before we dive in, a few quick things: immediately after the episode, my lovely neighbor Dava Krause and I recorded an episode of our hit podcast The Fantasty Suite, so if you want to HEAR our hot takes on Night One, then take a listen right here.

- Hesitate to talk to the person next to you in a bus or a train.

There are a few things an American should know when visiting Finland.

Dont: - Wonder out loud why Sweden has more world-famous products, artists, and athletes than Finland, or why the western neighbor always beats Finland in ice hockey.

No stranger to musical theater, Sonja has starred in "Some Like It Hot" and has been a regular star in UIT's summer show in Linnanmäki amusement park in Helsinki a dozen times and has several years of floor show experience alone and with other artists.

Not forgetting her memorable three minutes in Gothenburg in 1985...

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