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Our programs offer women the chance to feel seen and heard, space to discuss and get underneath the surface, coaching and support to see blind spots and move past them in order to put to bed all that is negative and unproductive about sexuality, relationships and intimacy.We are committed to supporting the women in our programs and grateful to have the opportunity. Will you make your sexuality important enough to give yourself this gift? The following three weekends will take place in Miami, FL. The first intensive weekend will take place in June in NYC.

We acknowledge sexuality as an important and natural part of people’s lives – a site where our personal growth has incredible potential. We negotiate a low booking rate with the venue and roll housing and food expenses into a single payment for each weekend that covers all costs. If you believe that this work can change your life, then let’s talk so you can step into your full sexual power and glory. Weekends II-IV will be held in Miami, FL at a private venue where women can stay on-site. If you feel called to this program, know that it is by invitation only and the next step is to submit an application and have a call with a program coordinator. At this point, we’re finalizing the locations of our weekends.

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