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In emergency situations, MATResponder quickly works to stop moderate to severe extremity blood-loss, even to trapped limbs.

When natural or man-made disasters occur and resources are tight, MATResponder can be applied quickly and efficiently, allowing you to asses other injuries or treat other patients.

Most of the historically adverse commentaries about tourniquet usage are anecdotal and based on old battlefield reports.

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Tourniquets have been used as medical devices, in a variety of forms, for thousands of years.

This is done by applying strong deep pressure to the artery proximal to the site of bleeding.

Traditionally pressure is applied to the brachial, axillary, femoral or popliteal artery as appropriate.

Galen was one of the earliest recognized critics of tourniquet usage.

Dr’s Fabry and Morel are both credited, by different studies, as using a tourniquet with the now familiar windlass design to tighten the actual constricting band.

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