Datingbig tited woman

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Am I opening myself up to criticism if I'm not completely covered?How are the perceived rules different for me as a black woman?I wasn't surprised when people said Minaj was ratchet, slutty, hyper-sexualized, and a bad role model.When Minaj responded to the backlash by captioning her album cover "Unacceptable" on Instagram in juxtaposition with other "acceptable" images, she ended up making an unexpected but powerful point about the different standards black and white female sexuality are held to.

It wasn't until I talked to a friend of mine that I decided to trudge on.Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that her mother, my grandmother, used to always put on lipstick before she left the house."You never know who you're going to see," she'd say.I got a lot of questions asking about , Tasty Burger, my nose ring, and, for some reason, smoking weed (an interest mentioned nowhere on my profile). THE AFROCENTRIC I remember the first weekend I had these braids.I was out at a bar in Boston, and some guy made a joke likening me to a member of TLC because of my hair.

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