Dating service to meet russian gay men

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” I asked them not to tell anyone, but he told his wife.And his wife told him I couldn’t see their child, the boy who they’d asked me to be godfather to.Like I said, he’s a serious guy; he loves to read about business and international relations, but he still holds on to his childhood habits (reading comic books and eating peanut butter chocolate ice cream is his version of paradise).Although he only cooks once in a blue moon, when it happens, the things he makes are delicious.When I left, I attended Far Eastern Federal University and graduated with a degree in journalism.I was there on a scholarship, as a dancer at the university dance company, then joined Kauri, a modern dance company in Vladivostok.

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So I decided to look through dating sites on the Internet.

Normally my accomplishments would be a source of pride for friends and family in Russia, except that I'm gay—which puts me in the same category as criminals, drug dealers, and prostitutes.

At university I was finally able to find my own circle of friends, but even there I didn’t have the confidence to open up: not to my parents, not to my friends, certainly not to the whole world. I wasn’t ready to accept that I might be different.

They said things like, “The devil is living inside you.

We have to call the exorcist and the psychologist,” or, “Why didn’t you tell us about the symptoms when you first discovered the disease? They asked me if anyone else knew about “it.” They were worried their friends would find out and stop talking to them.

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