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Rakshata is a very tall, attractive woman with bright blonde hair almost as long as C. She has fair brown skin, in addition to a purple bindi on her forehead. Rakshata is normally seen wearing a revealing burnt orange tank top along with brown pants and a white lab coat.

She is never seen without her thin brown corn cob pipe, which she typically holds at the tip with her fingers as if holding a conductor's baton.

Zero goes missing along with Kallen, Suzaku and Euphemia after Schneizel gives the order to fire at them.

After Tohdoh was rescued, Zero decides to restructure the Black Knights knowing that they are growing in number.

Rakshata is the creator of the Guren and its Radiant Wave Surger ( 輻射波動, fukushahadō, lit. She also developed the Gefjun Disturber (ゲフィオンディスターバー, Gefion Disutaabaa), a force field generator that disables all sakuradite-powered technology within its area of effect.

This renders anything within the field invisible to radar, and can aid in the blooming of hadron-based beam weaponry.

Rakshata is a calm person, she almost always maintains a cool and seemingly carefree attitude no matter what the situation and is never seen without her trademark tobacco pipe.

She is on quite good terms with Zero and several of her colleagues in the Black Knights.

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