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It produces stems 17–59 centimetres (7-23 in) tall, which are concavely triangular in cross-section.Each stem produces an umbel inflorescence of 4-19 flowers in January–May in the species' native environment.There are some outstandingly beautiful, choice and rare species that will tax the skill of many alpine gardeners; and although is not as choice and beautiful as some, it is still a charming and worthy alpine plant.It is native to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and grows little more than 10 centimeters high.

This is then followed in; in brackets, by the meaning of the Latin name when known.The general description of the plant then follows, with perhaps notes on cultivation, country of origin, height and propagation.If any such notes ar omitted, thoes given under the previous entry apply.The white flowers, which infrequently have a pink tinge, appear in loose clusters above whorls of three-lobed leaves of a pale, dusky khaki-green colour.The picture shows it growing in the corner of a shady trough, but I also grow it amongst other woodland and ericaceous plants where it has obligingly seeded itself about forming an attractive swathe of about 12 centimeters high with a spread of about 60 centimeters.

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