Consolidating unit investment trust

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) may be entitled to claim relief from certain taxes of that foreign territory (either by way of relief at source or refunds of tax already paid) if certain criteria are met.

In order to assess whether a person is entitled to such relief, the overseas fiscal authority receiving the claim will usually require to confirm that the person fulfils other conditions.

Contacts on technical and procedural issues in relation to Investment Trust companies.

Find general guidance on Investment Trust companies in the Company Taxation Manual.

If you don’t have a payslip for the accounting period, the of the fund should be quoted together with the accounting period in respect of which the payment is to be made in any covering correspondence and on the reverse of any cheque.

For accounting periods commencing 1 January 2012 or later, Investment Trust companies seeking approval under the new scheme (S1158- and Part2 Chapter 1 SI 2011/2999) can use form ‘Application for approval as an Investment Trust’ (CISC8(2012)).Where this template is used there will be no need for nominee account holders to seek prior approval from that the voucher is acceptable.If the template cannot be adopted for any reason, prior approval of the proposed format of the consolidated tax voucher may be sought from Sandra Whyman or Liz Foster at the for genuine diversity of ownership clearance you can use the genuine diversity of ownership clearance form CISC5.The scheme also has a depositary who is responsible for holding and safeguarding the assets of the participants that are part of the scheme.The depositary will acquire and dispose of assets on behalf of the participants on the instructions of the operator.

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