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Contracting states, in the sense of the CISG, means the signatory states (art.91).

One of the main benefits of CISG is its unified code of rules and regulations, making importing and exporting and other facets of international trade easier.

It is a uniform law relating to sale of goods all over the world.

CISG is noted for its simplicity and was ratified by the United States in 1988, which in turn prompted other countries to ratify the convention.

In this respect, the CISG goes far beyond the legal architecture of the Universal Commercial Code (UCC).

Many provisions encourage, or even require, communication and reasonable conduct between the parties to resolve problems before a total contractual breakdown. Fijne weeklieve groetjes Joke Hi Ben: Leave it to the &#g220;8irls” to surprise you with a baby shower. But I got a big kick out of seeing the photo of the girls–many of whom I haven’t see in almost two years.

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