Bulova watch serial number dating

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My watches are marked L8 and M1, this dates the watches to 19( with the correct 10BNCH movement)Hope this info helps, they are great mil watch examples. The data is exactly as in the first post: Back Cover: Watch Navig Bulova Type A17A Spec Military W 6433A MFR Bulova Part NO 10BNCH MFR Bulova Serial NO 21634 Order NO DA - 36-08 Stock NO BTAA-993000-24 US Property Movement Marking: Bulova-USA 30 JEWELS 10 COAC What's also strange is the fact the movement doesn't really compare to other 10COAC Bulova movement examples. This page is dedicated to the great line of Bulova wrist watches, and my guaranteed Bulova watch repair and Bulova watch restoration services.Bulova wrist watches were made popular by two different aspects.Please visit my chronograph restoration page to learn more: made a vast number of high quality jeweled wrist watches over the years, too many models to list yet I'd like to list some of their watch models are worth mentioning: The Bulova Rite Angle, The Bulova Governor, the Bulova Athelete, The Bulova Curtis, the Bulova Ambassador, the Bulova Wellington, the Bulova Spencer, the Bulova Norman, the Bulova Argyle, the Bulova Lone Eagle, The Bulova Oakley, the Bulova Senator, the Bulova Masonic watch, Bulova military wrist watches, Bulova doctors watch, the Bulova wandering seconds or Bulova "Jump hour", the Bulova flip up or photo watch, the curved Bulova improperly known as the Bulova Curvex, The Bulova duo-dial, diamond dial Bulova dress watches, Bulova mystery dial, Bulova chronographs, Bulova stop watches, The Bulova Aero Jet K, Bulova Oceanographer, the Bulova Commander 30, the Bulova Excellency, the Bulova Sea King, Bulova whale watch, Bulova self winding automatic, Bulova calendar watches, the Bulova Snorel, the Bulova Jet Star, Bulova Jet Clipper, Bulova Sea Cloud, the Bulova sunburst collection, the Bulova Regatta 23, Action girl, Beau Brummel, Bulova President, La Petite Marquis, Ladies Dewdrop, Marquis, the Bulova Knickerbocker, It would be important for me to mention the many Bulova wrist watch movement models that my Bulova watch repair service repairs: The Bulova 3AB movement, the Bulova 3AF movement, the 3AL, 3AN, 3AT, 4AB, 4AC, 4AD, 4AE, 4AF, 4AH, 4AK, 4AL, 4AM, 4AN, 4AP, 4AR, 4AS, 4AT, 4AU, 4AW, 4AX,4FL, 4P, 4PP, 4SN, 5A, 5AA, 5AB, 5AC, 5AD, 5AE, 5AF, 5AH, 5AK, 5AL, 5AP, 5AX, 5B, 5BB, 5K, 5P, 5PP, 5PPI, 6A, 6AA, 6AAI, 6AB, 6AC, 6AD, 6AE, 6AF, 6AH, 6AHC, 6AK, 6AL, 6AM, 6AMC, 6AN, 6AO, 6AP, 6AR, 6AS, 6AT, 6AW, 6AX, 6AZ, 6B, 6BA, 6BB, 6BBI, 6BC, 6BD, 6BE, 6BH, 6BK, 6BKC, 6BL, 6BMC, 6BL, 6BMC, 6BO, 6BOC, 6BP, 6BPA, 6BS, 6BU, 6C, 6CAC, 6CF, 6CHAC, 6COAC, 6E, 6EA, 6F, 6FL, 6K, 6M, 6N, 6P, 6PG, 6PP, 6PPI, 6R, 6S, 6SN, 6T, 6TA, 6TAA, 6UL, 6W, 6WH, 6WHC, 6WM, 6WMC, 6WN, 6WS, 6WUC, 7AA, 7AB, 7AC, 7AD, 7ADC,7AE, 7AF,7H, 7AK, 7AL, 7ALS, 7AM, 7AMC, 7AN, 7AP, 7AR, 7AS, 7ASC, 7AT, 7AW, 7AWC, 7BEAC, 7BS, 7BSC, 7BUC, 7M, 7T, 7WF, 7WH, 7WM, 7WMC, 7WS, 7WSC, 7WZ, 8A, 8AA, 8AAI, 8AB, 8AC, 8AH, 8AE, 8AL, 8AM, 8AN, 8AP, 8AT, 8AW, 8AZ, 8BA, 8BBA, 8P, 8TA, 8WH, 9A, 9AA, 9AA9, 9AB, 9ABC, 9AF 9AN, 9AR, 9ARC, 9AS, 9ASC, 99AT, 9B, 9P, 10A, 10AA, 10AAI, 10AB, 10AC, 10AE, 10AEC, 10AF, 10 AH, 10AHC, 10AI, 10AK, 10AKC, 10AKCSH, 10AL, 10AM, 10AN, 10ANC, 10AP, 10AR, 10AS, 10AT, 10AU, 10AUC, 10AW, 10AX, 10AXCS, 10AZ,10B, 10BA, 10BAC, 10BC, 10BCC, 10BE, 10BEC, 10BH, 10BK, 10BL, 10BM, 10BMC, 10BMCHD, 10BNCH, 10B0AC, 10BP, 10BPAC, 10BPAD, 10BRC, 10BS, 10BT, 10BTC, 10 BU, 10BUC, 10BX, 10BZ, 10C, 10CBAC, 10CMC, 10CSC, 10D, 10E,10L, 10P, 10SF, 10UT, 102, 10WK, 10WZ, 10ZC, 10ZCC, 10ZF, 10ZL, 10Z0C, 11AAC, 11AB, 11ABC, 11AC, 11ACAC, 11ACC, 11AERC, 11AF, 11AFAC, 11AFC, 11ZE, 12B, 13AB, 13AC, 13AE, 13AF, 13AH, 13AL, 13AN, 13AP, 13AT, 17A, 17AA, 17AB, 17AE, 17AH, 17AI, 17AM, 17AN, 17AP, 17AT, 1H, 17M, 17P 17R, 17TR, 17V, 19AT, S1AE, 22B, 23, 89.Many thanks for reading this Bulova watch repair page, it was a pleasure to inform you of this great company and their fine line of jeweled timepieces.

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