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But on their second night together, their attraction is even stronger and things become increasingly intense.We sense they were meant to be together for the next hundred years, but do they realize it, too?

Danny Peary: Bryan, I know that both you and Emily Ting went to Tisch, before she produced a couple of movies you were in. She sent it over to see if we wanted to do it and we really loved it.

Finding herself stranded, she meets Josh (Bryan Greenberg), an American expat who shows her the city.

Meandering through nighttime streets pulsating with energy and possibility, they fall into a winding and carefree conversation, buoyed by an undeniable attraction.” There is only one problem with their perfect “first date,” which Josh admits to Ruby–he has a girlfriend.

fits my category Movies That Should Play in Sag Harbor.

You won’t have to wait until tomorrow to see Emily Ting’s debut feature, because this Hong Kong-set romance opens this weekend, at the Village East Cinema on 12th Street and Second Avenue in NYC and around the country.

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