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Every night when I stand up on stage, every line that I sing, I believe it. A: People are so excited when we tell them, “You’re going to be the guinea pigs tonight; we’re going to try out some new stuff and see how you like it.” It has been a gift to watch these songs develop, to see them grow onstage and turn into something bigger than we had imagined. A: We have a song called “Everyday America” on this record, and every night when I introduce it, I say, “I’m from a small town in south Georgia, and I guarantee you we have the same stories.

You have the same quarterback of the football team and the captain of the cheerleaders and the people in the band, and your heart is broken by your first love.

” But we’re hoping the schedule opens up a little bit, and I can be home more. But this requires so much of me right now, and it’s still so new, that I can’t imagine having that big a responsibility too.Here he is, Paul Mc Cartney, a Beatle, and he’s saying he likes our music! It’s the genre of music that’s up in record sales where all the others are declining.Everything else out there is homogenous, and people want to be challenged and inspired.A: It has been such an adjustment because writing is so vulnerable.We did some writing out on the road, in hotel rooms.

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