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A restraining order is issued preventing the man from going near his own house. A friend of mine met a rather exotic Georgian (as in Tbilisi, not Atlanta!

) girl who looked rather like the gorgeous Katie Melua, and to make a long story short, married her, paid for half her family to go to UK for the wedding, got her son an immigrant visa, and 6 months down the line she was shacked up with a richer older Harley Street doctor and he'd lost pretty much everything, more or less as described above. Threads like this always remind me of poor old Rolf from Bochum.

Unless it's for the $$$$$$ ;)Anyone with half a brain would know that all Russian women are built like tractor mechanics... q=tbn: ANd9Gc Rs V74K2iaan TZFSf Ot Ak Wk TBOx QW_xb Eu0TYmt SNIx RJd Dba5ZIg

q=tbn: ANd9Gc Stg Inacg DGd Y34m Rfiv8Pt-m Tp4D0Bz8xj5p8Qi Mu6J1qwve Jx Be very careful with these Russian/East European girls.

I will be glad to answer questions all yours as I want, that you knew about me also. I do have children from time to time, not in the carnal sense of course because that is criminal, but chopped finely and sautd with rosemary and then simmered in a fine Chardonnay, they can be excellent.

I was not married, and I live with mine the grandmother. I use the Internet - cafe to write you letters, as at me not the house and Internet computer also. ) I will answer on your questions and to inform you, it is more about itself in following e-mail! A deposit [email protected]Slight thread drift: I was discussing with a German friend some years ago how it is that so many older (paunchier) German men import Asian girls to be girlfriends/brides whatever, and he said "Asian girls ? Secondly, they can manage the household budget on fifty euros a week. Dear Nadezhda I was well pleasured to get your missive and accompanying photographs evidencing your beauty, and superb of structure you are indeed, I would appreciate the opportunity to study more intimately your structure to see if various components coincide with my own structure.Please Ask the things, interesting you and inform on me to me some the information concerning you: what do you love entertainment? I live in a house where I have a computer but no grandmother, and where from my living room I can see the mountains and the sea, it is very beautiful. Your loving friend xxx Sorry to tell you, but I had the same load of pix of Nadezhda a couple of months ago.I replied offering to marry her, if she could find a bridegroom, but I think she misinterpreted my intentions. Since then, I get several a day from various Russian ladies whose biological clocks are ticking, and who have missed out on having children.In the ensuing divorce, the man loses half his assets and may end up paying maintenance.The woman is allowed to stay in the country due to "exceptional circumstances".

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