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Its kinda hard to explain but the Jaguar gave me a better feeling that unique.

Overall I preferred the Jaguar over the Aston and here is why. The Jaguar was more sexy and desirable over the Aston. The feeling inside the Jaguar was better than the Aston.

so to compare whole groups of people one to another, ryo would say this not very good idea.

so as to if the few Jewish girls you have met are similar or different to Israeli girls, ryo would not know how to answer this question to your satisfaction.

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The model I test drove was an 08 XKR and it felt very similar to my XKR I have now. Dont get me wrong everybody likes James Bond and the Aston made you feel like Bond to an extent. But overall the Jaguar was the best also it cost less and you get to drive the better and faster car for less.remember that Israel is an armed camp and almost all citizens carry conceal weapon and all citizens of Israel between the ages of 18 and 65 are soldiers.Most serve 3 years active duty and then spend rest of adult life as "active" reservists.My Real Review Discuss - 6Forums Looks like you are trying to provoke some controversy by posting how much better a Jaguar is than an Aston-Martin on an Aston-Martin forum no less. The point is that likely most people who buy the AM are doing so to show how rich and successful they are.For those in need of an addadicktome operation, the AM will serve the purpose better than a Jaguar. They are not about to go for something that is better but less $ even if that something other is a better product.

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