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Follow the links within this article for more information.The Cherokee people are best known for their fine baskets usually made from cane, white oak, hickory bark and honeysuckle.Both the Ribbon Shirt and the tear dress are made from cotton calico.The "tear" dresss is so called because in the old days, most Cherokee women didn't have scissiors, so they would "tear" a rectangle or square from a larger bolt of material.People began making baskets at least ninety-five hundred years ago.Other traditional Cherokee crafts include the carving of soapstone, primarily for pipes, weaving, creation of elaborate dance masks, pottery, beadwork, and various kinds of metalsmiths. Cherokee traditionally buried their dead in the earth as they believed that the plants fed the animals, the animals and plants fed the people, and the people, at their death, should return to the earth and feed the plants.Originally the only two materials used for dyes were black walnut and blood root.Butternut has been added for black, yellow root for yellow and broom sedge for orange.

The Cherokee first went to war with the colonists in 1711.

In the early 1800s,the Cherokee Tear Dress became the standard traditional fashion for Cherokee women, and the ribbon shirt is worn by men on special occasions.

Both have become the standard "regalia" for Cherokee powwow dancing.

The men shaved their heads, leaving a topknot (sometimes called a scalplock), which they allowed to grow long, and often their bodies and faces were tattooed.

In warm weather women wore only a short skirt and added a poncho-like top during the winter.

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